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International Risk Mitigation Examples

At Canpro Risk Solutions, the focus is on identifying how our clients are at risk.  We then map, assess and quantify the threats those risks pose to human safety, security, business continuity and brand reputation.  We work collaboratively to plan, develop, implement and test a range of risk mitigation measures that transition from strategic to tactical.  These measures are all designed to enhance human safety, security and continuity of business operations in challenging and extreme environments. 

Examples of our international client risk mitigation work include:

Afghanistan.  In addition to operating a holistic, secure life support facility in downtown Kabul, Canpro designed a layered approach to site security for a local hotel and shopping complex that has been attacked twice previously by insurgents with automatic weapons and explosives.  This layered approach combined target hardening measures, guard vendor and site staff training with protocols designed to deter future attacks.  Our intent is to leave stakeholders with the tools to isolate threats while building local confidence in personal safety.  The result of our efforts has been  a dramatic increase in hotel and mall tenant revenues.

Chile.  In response to concerns over shrinkage at a large mine operation in an isolated region of Chile, Canpro conducted a detailed analysis of site operations and threats.  We then designed a complex and affordable system combining remote technology, with systems and checks to prevent losses, increase site revenues and standardize reporting and tracking of incidents.

Central America.  Located along a significant route for trafficking of narcotics from South to North America, a large agricultural product exporter looked to Canpro for assistance in mitigating the risk of their brand.  Their concern was that their brand was vulnerable to narcotics conspirators who might conceal drugs inside legitimate shipments to overseas markets.  Combining employee screening with formal and informal supervisor monitoring systems, Canpro augmented human resources measures through the use of technology and local law enforcement outreach, thereby  assisting the export firm in protecting their brand reputation and reducing their risk of unknowingly being complicit in the international drug trade.

Egypt.  After a sudden and unexpected change of government in Egypt, an international chemical manufacturing firm with a newly built Egyptian production plant looked to Canpro for weekly intelligence reporting on the evolving political front.  Reports included alerts on changing threats to safety and security of personnel, critical infrastructure, supply lines and transportation routes.  These weekly reports are designed to support both strategic and tactical corporate decision-making – specific to the client, their industry and the locale they operate in within Egypt.

India.  In partnership with a large Indian guard company, Canpro operates a network of security industry training schools preparing guards for niche specific client work.  Graduates of the comprehensive training programme are also recruited for postings outside India, most usually in the Gulf region.  As with our security training project in the United Arab Emirates, Canpro supplies all the intellectual property for our joint venture security training schools in India.

Iraq.  Operating in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, Canpro has provided local management and oversight of all security and human safety services for a Canadian owned extractive industry client.  Originally hired by the client’s insurance company, Canpro was first asked to conduct a comprehensive threat risk assessment on the ground.  This encompassed examining all relevant threats to the client, their staff and operations, as well as threats to the surrounding community.  The resulting project initiation document led to Canpro being asked to take responsibility for sourcing, training, directing and managing all human safety and security services.  Canpro manages these components largely with the resources of local vendors and in a manner consistent with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.  Consistent with Canpro’s approach to corporate social responsibility, we are signatories to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers and have enshrined these principles in all aspects of our international operations.

Mexico.  Mexico is a resource rich, well developed country that is suffering the effects of seemingly pervasive organized crime.  Canpro is currently supporting two different Canadian mining companies operating in Mexico with a variety of risk mitigation services including travel risk advisories, due diligence investigative reports on local partners, travel escorts, and on the ground security and risk assessments of operational offices and mines.

Mongolia.  To assist a Canadian extractive industry client with risk mitigation decision making, Canpro has researched and written a comprehensive threat risk assessment specific to the client, their industry and proposed area of work within Mongolia.  Canpro’s report examines a number of factors relevant to the client including political stability, trends in public policy regarding the extractive industry, health concerns, security and the environment. 

Namibia.  Similar to the in-depth country report examining threats and risks specific to a Canadian extractive industry client starting operations in Mongolia, Canpro provided an initial analysis of threats and risks in Namibia to another client.  In addition to this analysis we continue to monitor a number of relevant factors there on behalf of this client and produced a separate report focused on due diligence research using a variety of sources to assess the credibility of the client’s potential local Namibian business partner.

Oman.  In partnership with a locally owned firm, Canpro offers a range of both strategic and tactical risk mitigation services in Oman, including threat risk assessments and security planning for industries forming part of critical infrastructure.

Pakistan.  On very short notice, Canpro was approached by a Canadian manufacturing client that was considering sending a senior buyer to a remote area of Pakistan.  This was the client’s first foray into this country and they knew there were inherent risks.  Realizing this, they turned to Canpro for professional assistance and direction.  As a result of Canpro’s report, the client significantly altered their approach to the project and adopted the suite of risk mitigation measures proposed.

Philippines.  Canpro was asked on short notice to support a large Canadian
telecommunications company that was sending several senior leaders on a first
business trip to the Philippines.  To promote safety in the local environment,
Canpro provided a small team of paramedic trained executive protection
professionals.  This elite combined service provided a range of skills, abilities
and risk mitigation measures, that made the trip both successful and safe.

Tanzania.  A Canadian university planning to send a group of geography students on a four month study tour of Tanzania asked Canpro to conduct a threat risk assessment with a range of proposed mitigation measures.  Canpro developed and delivered a comprehensive pre-trip personal safety briefing for the students and arranges local security stand-by services.  This holistic approach to travel risk management helped identify threats early on and put in place a range of mitigation measures without restricting the student learning experience.

Turkey.  Similar to the in-depth country report examining threats and risks specific to a Canadian extractive industry client starting operations in Namibia, Canpro provided an initial analysis of threats and risks in a specific province within Turkey.  We continue to monitor a number of relevant factors there on behalf of this client. 

United Arab Emirates.  Canpro has been active in the UAE for over five years, including work supporting the escalation of professionalism of the private security industry and enhancing industry standards as they relate to community safety, crime prevention and national security.  Canpro has developed the intellectual property used by the National Security Institute in the regulated training of security guards in the UAE.  Further, we have assisted the government with a UN resolution focused on civilian private security standards and practices and assisted local security firms in becoming ISO 9001 registered (a requirement of local government licensing).  Canpro has developed security industry training curriculum for basic guarding and guard supervision, as well as for security of banks and hospitals, special events, cash in transit, and emergency response.

West Africa.  In support of a Canadian engineering firm that operates around the world, Canpro was asked to perform an audit of the firm’s travel risk management policy, procedures and capacity to respond to overseas critical incidents.  With a particular focus on client operations in West Africa and Russia, Canpro was able to identify a number of opportunities for enhancing practices and resources.  All of Canpro’s efforts were conducted with the goal of safeguarding staff by better preparing them for overseas travel and thereby ensuring business continuity.

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